Self-installing Kit

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The device is made of Anti-Corrosive 6061 Grade Aluminum and is coated with Marine Grade*  Polymer Electrostatic Powder Coating for a Durable, long-lasting finish.

1 Base Plate (attaches to swim platform) 8"/20 cm X 6"/5.3 cm

1 Master Block (slides on to base plate)  8"/20 cm X 6"/5.3 cm

1 Front Connecting Plate with Quick Connect and Safety Pin  41"/104 cm X  8"/20 cm

1 Stabilization Pole 5 ft./152 cm (collapsed)

2 Backing Plates 8"/20 cm X 2/5 cm

6 Stainless Steel Bolts : Fresh or Salt Water

6 Stainless Steel Special Nord Lock Washers

6 Stainless Steel Nuts Fresh or Salt Water

1 Tension Line with Quick Connect Stainless Steel Hook 35ft/1066cm 

1 Connecting Strap


*Marine Grade Electrostatic Polymer Powder Coating: Withstands 4000 hrs. of Saltwater Spray


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